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Mobile Menstrual Health Clinic 
The Spot on the Go!

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"The SPOT on the GO!" is the world's 1st Mobile Menstrual Health Clinic and a direct expansion of "The SPOT Period", the nation's 1st Menstrual Hub and Uterine Wellness center. Launched on April 20th 2022, The SPOT on the GO! aims to spread awareness and education around menstrual health and wellness by bringing the SPOT Period's services directly into our communities, impacting recipients on a larger scale.


The SPOT on the GO!'s intentions are not just to provide menstrual products; using our four prong approach, we create a safe space to destigmatize the menstrual cycle, have one on one conversations, introduce sustainable options and in partnership with nursing students and other medical professionals, conduct menstrual risk assessments and referrals to appropriate resources. Our ultimate goal is to end period shame and stigma in marginalized communities.  

Schedule The SPOT on the GO! for your next community event, training, organizational gathering, girl's night, youth group, birthday party or first period celebration.  

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