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Lynette Medley was presented by Councilwoman Cherelle L. Parker with the RESOLUTION 190480:

Recognizing May 28, 2019 as Menstrual Hygiene Day and honoring No More Secrets MBS Inc. A Realistic Approach to Sexual Health, a sexuality awareness non-profit organization, whose mission is to decrease the silence and secrecy associated with the menstrual cycle by destigmatizing and normalizing societal behaviors, language, and attitudes related to menstruation and menstrual hygiene!!


Satellite Hubs


May 24th 2021 LINCOLN UNIVERSITY,  Pa. — Lincoln University announced the opening of the Periodt Menstrual Supply Hub sponsored by No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Incorporated to help educate students about menstrual health and women's health while providing free feminine hygiene products to students in need.


Lauren Wilkerson

Student president of the Periodt Menstrual Supply Hub

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