The Three Pillars of Services



Distribution of menstrual supplies: pads, tampons, menstrual cups, menstrual wipes, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.

Resource guides for locating auxiliary services such as healthcare and insurance.

Access to clean water, toilets, resting stations

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Workshops addressing  menstrual health + hygiene, focused on issues that disproportionately affect Black communities such as fibroids, endometriosis + Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS)

Educational materials and infographics providing step by step instructions on accessing and using various menstrual products correctly.



Peer to Peer toolkits

Positive menstrual Messaging and Fact sheets

Delivery and Distribution of free feminine hygiene products

E-Curriculums devised to remotely offer inclusive menstrual education with an importance of addressing health disparities in Black communities

E-Series Workshops

OMG Period

#OmgPeriod  is an ongoing monthly period educational series. It’s a fun interactive Period/Menstrual/Uterine care series facilitated by the amazing  Dr. Stacey Sassaman MD and Lynette. These sessions are for both caregivers and their children.

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Menses Myth Busters

Menses Myth Busters is meant to better understand your first period. What is true? What are the rumors? When should you expect your first period? Should your period be regular? We will answer these questions and many more!

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Period Power Girls

These highly recommended and interactive workshops about the POWER of Periods are facilitated by our CEO Lynette.


"Hi its N M and S and we're the PERIOD POWER girls! WE gain our super powers from our strong friendship vibes and our crazy conversations about our periods. We are all girlfriends but our period cycles and experiences are different because one size, choice or situation doesn’t it all. Periods are just as diverse or different as us PPG girls!"

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Nurse Days on Site


We have developed and innovative 4 prong comprehensive approach to ending period poverty which is based upon providing safety, access to period care products, Menstrual Health Education, Menstrual Hygiene and Uterine Wellness/Care. The partnership with Drexel College of Nursing and Health professions will help decrease  health disparities in our communities.



Menstrual Supply Request


Days of operation  
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
12pm- 4pm
*Note: Hours are subject to change

4811 Germantown Avenue Suite 101
Philadelphia, PA 19144

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Mobile Menstrual Health Unit 
The Spot on the Go!
(Launch April 20th 2022)


The Spot's NEW FLOW

The world's FIRST Mobile Menstrual Health Unit


Speaking Engagements

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Book Lynette

Lynette is available for speaking engagements, keynote speeches, panels and leading workshops

Lynette Medley- M.ED is a dedicated and skilled equity consultant, educator and therapist with 20+ years of experience around Diversity and Inclusion in the communities and the workplaces, Intersectionality principles and Sexuality Awareness. Through the development of her iconic Black Girls Bleed and Period or Not Respect the Dot movements to end poverty, her organization is on an unapologetic mission to spread awareness about the devastating effects of poverty on marginalized communities due to systemic racism and oppression.

Lynette and her daughter Nya made history by opening the first menstrual hub in the nation, “The SPOT Period” on February 20th 2021. The have also established a delivery service in which they personally deliver menstrual supplies in the Tri-state area and ship the same supplies throughout the continental United States.

Lynette holds a B.S. from Drexel University in Mental/Behavioral Health Sciences and a M.ED from Widener University in Human Sexuality Education.