Lynette Medley - M.ED

Founder/CEO No More Secrets MBS Inc.

CO Founder The SPOT Period


Nya McGlone- M.S
Chief Operating Officer No More Secrets MBS Inc.
CO Founder The SPOT Period

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No More Secrets
Mind Body Spirit Inc.

Founded in 2012, No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. is the nation's first sexuality awareness and consultative organization. Our focus is to decrease risk in vulnerable populations through the development and implementation of sustainable programming and polices. 

OUR MISSION at No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. is:

To decrease uterine care and menstrual health disparities in underserved communities through the
eradication of societal stigmas and propagation of resources and scientifically based information.

We are committed to providing a realistic and relational approach to comprehensive wellness of the mind, body and spirit. No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. intentionally dismantles the myths, stigmas and misconceptions ingrained in our communities. Our services are designed to elicit open communication, promote honest discussions and provide real life solutions. 

The SPOT Period

On February 20th, 2021, No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc., proudly opened the nation's first menstrual hub, "The SPOT Period", located in Germantown Philadelphia, PA. all through crowd funding efforts.


The "SPOT"(Safety, Programing, Optimal Transformation) is equipped with offices, a reception area, computer room, storage space for menstrual supplies and a "Breonna Taylor" Safe room, graciously sponsored by Diva Cares International Inc. in addition to supplying a monthly donation of 200 Diva Menstrual cups. The goal of the Breonna Taylor room is to create a space to escape the dangers of the world experienced by so many marginalized women and girls. This room provides comfort and acceptance so they can show their vulnerability, allowing for authentic conversations and open-flow information sharing. The room has become the epicenter of educational seminars and panel discussions around normalizing menstrual cycles, health and hygiene, uterine care, proper usage of sustainable options such as menstrual cups, healthcare resources as well as life skills on budgeting and nutrition. In addition, crucial conversations are held about bodily autonomy, consent, healthy relationships as well as distributing cobranded First Period Kits provided by PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement, that include products for one cycle, printed education materials, a journal, and stickers all in a reusable bag.