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WE are implementing "A CALL TO ACTION" to address the nationwide deficits in education and awareness in regards to period stigma.


The reality is...young ladies have reported running away from homes/placements, stealing, skipping school, cutting classes and using unhealthy methods such as using stuffing out of stuffed animals, old rags they have found or wife beaters etc. during this time of the month just to survive.


Due to the overwhelming systemic TABOO regarding sexuality awareness the stigmatized perceptions our communities have toward feminine hygiene products and the menstruation cycle in general impacts the health and wellness of girls of all ages. There are currently NO ongoing programs that assist persons with feminine hygiene products. Families with multiple young ladies experience greater levels of need due to the elevated costs incurred during that time of the month.


We NEED your HELP!! We are asking for donations to offset the costs in addition to collecting feminine hygiene supplies such as sanitary napkins, tampons, wipes, soap and disposal underwear for our young ladies that cannot afford those items that we take for granted.

Donate Today to save our youth from period poverty by clicking on the donate button below! 

Has created the only feminine hygiene bank and in home delivery service in Philadelphia to end period poverty in our communities. We service PA. , NJ. and DE. plus ship nation wide to persons in need.
> If you would like to help us buy menstrual supplies please make a monetary donation by clicking the donate button.
Lynette Medley was presented by Councilwoman Cherelle L. Parker with the RESOLUTION 190480:
Recognizing May 28, 2019 as Menstrual Hygiene Day and honoring NoMore Secrets MBS Inc. A Realistic Approach to Sexual Health, a sexuality awareness non-profit organization, whose mission is to decrease the silence and secrecy associated with the menstrual cycle by destigmatizing and normalizing societal behaviors, language, and attitudes related to menstruation and menstrual hygiene!!
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Sexuality has been added to the Spiritua

No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. is the nation's first sexuality awareness and consultative organization. Our focus is to decrease risk in vulnerable populations through the development and implementation of sustainable programming and polices. 

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Our mission at No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. is:

To decrease stigmas, silence and secrecy by increasing self-esteem, socialization and self-love.



No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. provides consultation services, facilitates trauma informed comprehensive programming such as individual, couples and family sessions, emergency crisis interventions, educational trainings through our community activities, speaking engagements and workshops. We address the lack of communication related to sexuality by creating spaces to have crucial conversations.

We encourage individuals to examine the root causes behind their feelings of frustration, hopelessness or self doubt. 


Subsequently, empowering them to shift their perspectives through the implementation of specialized programs and supports, No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. provides positive lifestyle enrichment for all populations. 

People are in crisis because they do not value themselves or their choices. Please donate today to help us educate, motivate, embrace and empower people to make safer decisions and increase their self-esteem and self-perceptions.

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