Women's Empowerment


Survivors Day of Splendor


The purpose of this event is to bring awareness and support to women who are battling debilitating diseases and other circumstances. Due to the physical effects of these diseases along with the extensive treatments they are losing sight of themselves. These women are suffering in silence due to the lack of supportive networks targeted to address this dilemma.


The Day of Splendor is designed to provide a myriad of supports and services for the survivors it is intended to relax their minds beautify their bodies and uplift their spirits. Ultimately we are creating Circle of Sisterhood to motivate, embrace and empower these courageous women to increase their self-esteem and self-perceptions. 


POISE new over 21.png


Positive Outlook Introspection of Sex & Self Efficacy


LET’S TALK about Self Efficacy and SEX! Ladies Do you love yourselves? What do you think when you look in the mirror. Are your perceptions of beauty defined by someone other than yourself? Are you Sexually Secure?  You asked and now it's here! Just for my over 21 year old ladies.  POISE (Positive Outlook and Introspect on Self Efficacy & Sex) will be now be presented in our community by No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Founder/ CEO Lynette Medley.

Are you ready for this journey of self-discovery? These sessions will allow you to explore your sensuality and reawaken and expand your comfortability with your sexuality. Ladies this will be a Real Talk and Real Techniques workshop targeted towards broadening your experiences, knowledge and awareness of yourself and your sexual pleasure!