Our Purpose

Sexuality is more than your experiences. It's your beliefs. Let us reveal the secrets to your transformation by exploring your Mind, Body and Spirit.


Our sexual awareness services focus on our clients' most critical issue, their self-perception. Our team cultivates the mind by tending to the consumers most intimate requests. We develop supportive educational initiatives, that enable person's to enhance their well being, by looking first at themselves. We realize that change begins from within, so we focus on appealing to their individual needs and desires.



No More Secrets MBS is a different kind of sexual awareness program. We offer unique services that appeal to everyone. Our sessions uncover the secrets to your sexual transformations. If you exist than you desire the freedom to own and understand your body. Our team provides, support and assurance to allow you the flexibility to determine what that path may be. Our ultimate goal is to provide our expertise and knowledge to enhance your ability to discover what stimulates your body.



We at No More Secrets are advocates of advancing sexual positivity in your spiritual lives. The mind, body and spirit all need all need to be embraced to allow transformations to take place. We support by helping our clients with their most complex challenges and build tailored curriculums to help them achieve sexual and spiritual growth. Liberating the spirit enables a holistic view of sexuality, we begin by helping our clients choose where they want to focus in order to get the most effective results in their lives.

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