#LYFUP Movement

Join the #LYFUP movement:

Love Yourself First with Unlimited Possibilities!


All you have to do is

1. Name one thing you like or love about yourself

2. Remind yourself of your worth and value no matter what others Do think or say


3. Spread the word and Encourage others by posting a pic of yourself with a heart on social media with #LYFUP Movement 


4. Tell everyone you meet about the #LyfUP movement and HOW No More Secrets mbs Saves lives and changes minds 


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Due to the resistance and lack of support in our communities towards the Implementation of Sexuality Awareness programming in General, No More Secrets MBs is vigilantly Facilitating Crucial Conversations with as many persons as possible to Save Lives and Change Minds. 


The #LYFUP Movement was created to address the need for creating safe spaces throughout the city to have These crucial conversations. WE realize the importance of being preventive driven instead of crisis driven. We intentionally increase a persons Self-esteem while decreasing societal Stigmas. This encourages persons of all ages to make safer Decisions and healthier relationship Choices. 

We are creating a group of advocates that will encourage businesses, schools, churches, communities, families, etc. to invite No More Secrets to their events to dismantlement and debunk all the myths and stigmas about sexuality awareness to uplift, encourage and empower persons to Embrace The FreEdom of liking and loving themselves. 

We Save lives by changing minds!! #LYFUP Movement

Do you want us to come to your area, Post @ Lyfup movement we are ready and tag us, We might just show up and join you in spreading this important message.