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The SPOT's FLOW to 50 States

90% of Period Poverty organizations that are currently “active” do not provide menstrual products directly to individuals or families suffering from menstrual insecurities.

That’s why the dream team from No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. is doing something about this dilemma and launching The SPOT’s Flow to 50 States!


Lynette and Nya have personally experienced the horrific effects of period poverty and are intentionally addressing gaps in menstrual health and wellness services across the United States. Currently they distribute more than 63,000 products and serve over 1,000 vulnerable women and girls a week at the SPOT Period. Even though the SPOT is located in Pennsylvania, an astounding 39% of their products are shipped to desperate families throughout the nation. Since opening their doors on February 20th, 2021, they have distributed over 6,000,000 products to combat against period poverty.


The SPOT Period, the nation’s 1st Menstrual Hub and Uterine Wellness center and the SPOT on the GO, the world’s 1st Mobile Menstrual Health Clinic is raising 1 million dollars to expand their iconic efforts of passionately ending period poverty by offering direct support to vulnerable populations in crisis with menstrual products on a personal level.


After listening attentively to the voices of persons searching for help accessing menstrual products, they realized it’s not about being a popular or noteworthy “Name” in the Menstrual Equity Space…. It’s more about being honest and sincerely helping families who need menstrual products and services.


No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit Inc. and the SPOT Period will be flowing through 50 states and creating partnerships with churches, schools, clubs, grassroots organizations and community members to develop satellite locations throughout the United States to directly combat period poverty with sustainable options in marginalized communities.

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