Please Help us in our Period or Not Respect the Dot End Period Poverty "CALL TO ACTION" and collection campaign!

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It's not just happening in other countries, it is happening in our OWN backyards.

Period or Not Respect the Dot End Period Poverty Campaign addresses the citywide deficits in education and awareness in regards to period stigma. 

Due to the stigmatized perceptions our communities has towards feminine hygiene products and the menstruation cycle in general it impacts the health and wellness of girls of all ages. There are currently NO ongoing programs except ours that assist low income students with feminine hygiene products. 


We NEED your HELP!! Laws and policies need to change but until that happens, we are collecting feminine hygiene supplies such as sanitary napkins, tampons, wipes, soap and disposal underwear for our young ladies that cannot afford those items that we take for granted.

"A period should end a sentence, not a girls Education." - Melissa Burton

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To change laws and policies to enable youth to have access to

(free feminine) menstrual products in school.

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