Why is self-esteem and open communication important?

Self esteem and open communication are important because they are essential to achieving happiness and reaching goals. Self esteem is equal to confidence and in order to achieve anything in relationships or careers you have to be able to clearly communicate with up most confidence. These two key components are requirements to getting through life, from communicating with a partner to communicating and persuading a board room full of people. Without a high self esteem and the ability to openely communicate,it is hard to get ahead. Young ladies with self esteem issues for example are easy to take advantage of when it comes to young men or opinions from their peers. Once those young women realize their worth and give themself a "confidence boost" they are no longer vulnerable or easily taken advantage of because now they have an advantage to the other person(s). Once you have this self esteem or assurance of yourself, it also brings motivation because now you have faith in yourself and know what you are capable of. Self esteem ties in with open communication because you have assured yourself and have full belief in what you feel or say it makes it easier to communicate with other especially because you fully support your idea. Activist such as Martin Luther King, Malcom X, or the daughter of recently deceased Eric Garner for example would not have gotten anywhere without there confidence in their believes and their capability to speak to people openly and honestly about them. I would not be able to write this essay if i did not believe that open communication and self esteem are essential to fulfilling anything. There can be no outcome if the person holding the information or feeling had low self esteem and can not communicate. Where would we be today if everyone was too afraid to say what they mean because they dont have faith in it? Individuality would be lost along with idols and revolutionaries. The only way to achieve a goal is to contain self esteem and the willingness to openly communicate.

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