Dorm Room Decor Giveaway

Congratulations to our winners of the 2016 Dorm Room Decor Giveaway!!

Due to the number of excellent submissions, we extended our scope of services and will supply dorm room decor for 4 ladies in total!!


We are so excited these ladies entered the contest and submitted such wonderful essays addressing the importance of self-esteem and communication. Our top winner, Jasmine Moore will receive a few extra surprises because of the content of her essay (thank you Shelly Tucker and Audra Woodley for adding to her special package) and how it addressed the importance of self esteem when navigating healthy relationships.

This is the foundation of our organization.

No More Secrets MBS Inc. is a sexuality awareness organization that promotes positivity by uplifting individuals, increasing their self-esteem and empowering them to make safer lifestyle choices. The Dorm Decor Giveaway was designed to inspire young ladies entering their freshman year at THE LINCOLN UNIVERSITY this fall by providing them with supports and services to help them make safer and more informed choices.
Lets CONGRATULATE them all again on a job well done !!


To read the top essay, click here

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