Mothers In Charge

Dr. Martin Luther Jr. King Day of Service 2018:

Cupcakes and Crucial Conversations 4

Reclaiming Our Time and Narratives: Lincoln University

Bullying Event

Cupcakes and Crucial Conversations 5

Juvenile Justice Center

Why Not Prosper

Siloam: HIV Conversation

Cupcakes and Crucial Conversations 6

Visions of Victory

Cupcakes and Crucial Conversations 7

Consent & Cookies: A Social Justice Purim

National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Choices Youth Connect

Suffering in Silence

Center For Student Learning Cs Pennsbury

HIV/AIDS Women's Empowerment Group

#ME TOO: From Moment to Movement by WHYY

Fresh Start's Women's Group

EPIC: First Day

EPIC 2nd day: 2018 Sayre Health Fair at Sayre Health Center with Joanna McClinton

Women's Entrepreneur & Empowerment Luncheon

EPIC 3rd Day



EPIC 4th Day: Project Alpha & AKA- Let's Soar In 2018

EPIC 5th Day

School of the future Student Senior project

EPIC 6th DAY: Avengers Infinity War

EPIC 7th Day


EPIC 8th Day: Lynette's Birthday Celebration

Norris Square Community Alliance

EPIC 9th Day

Alliance for Progress Charter School


EPIC 10th Day: WB Saul High School Country Fair Day

EPIC 11th Day

Edmond's Franklin School

EPIC 12th Day: The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

EPIC 13th Day

Lovett Memorial Library: Log Off and Chill

Our Mother of Sorrows / ST. Ignatius School

EPIC 14th Day: Community Day with Joanna McClinton

EPIC 15th Day

EPIC 16th Day: Philadelphia Zoo "Always Best Care"

EPIC Final Day: Graduation Luau 2018

Aids Summit at the Pennsylvania Convention Center 

Norris Square Second Round

Embrace Your Fantasies 2.0: Real Sex Talk with the Bridal/Grooms Party

Survivors Educational Workshop Series

96.1FM WURD w/ Bryant Greene

Reclaim Your Royalty

Christian Compassion's Church Tent Crusade

Freedom Strut Women's Retreat

Kimble Park

Edmands School

WOW Conference 

School of the Future 

Edmands School

William Way Center

Prayer Breakfast 


Lincoln University: Women of Wellness 

Comegys Benjamin B School Contenentails

Lovett Library

Love your Melanin


Behavioral Health- Connecting the Dots

Emergency Community Meeting

Breaking The Silence